who we are

The Coalition to Take Back WBAI is a group of WBAI listeners, staff, and activist organizations. We think New York 's diverse communities should control our station. WBAI is "the voice of the voiceless" and a beacon for freedom and justice.

But a Spring 2009 coup by Grace Aaron, Interim Executive Director of Pacifica , threatens to change that. Aaron ordered the locks changed on our transmitter so programming could be controlled from Pacifica HQ in Berkeley, CA. Next she imposed a "gag rule" on dissenting producers. For years WBAI's Program Director, Bernard White, has been the target of a racist campaign led by a member of WBAI's Local Station Board.

The board majority, affiliated with ACE (Alliance for Community Elections) made White a scapegoat. They blamed him for WBAI's financial problems. In May, Aaron removed General Manager Tony Riddle, fired and banned Bernard White, and banned producer Ayo Harrington, who opposed the coup.

Help us TAKE BACK WBAI! We welcome endorsements from all individuals and community groups who support a progressive, multi-racial, multi-ethnic vision for our station!