Our WBAI Program-Direcor-in-Exile, Bernard White is BLOGGING!

WBAI Justice and Unity Campaign is a multi-ethnic coalition of progressive community organizers and station staff that fights to maintain WBAI's activist programming, particularly for communities of color. Call: (212) 591-2111

The free voice of WBAI in exile! Webcasting in 3 Channels:
  1. [NEW] PacificaX.org (Pacifica-in-Exile) is the home of the banned and fired from Pacifica Radio. Help take back KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WPFW and WBAI from the coupsters.

  2. WBIXradio.org is the place for information about the struggle to Take Back WBAI/Pacifica.

  3. WBAIX is the Home of the Banned and Fired - we will air the programmers that WBAI has gagged. I am hoping to start getting original content from Bernard White, Mimi Rosenberg, Bill DiFazio, Ayo Harrington, and any other Pacifica producers who have been acted against for their speech. In addition, we hope to air new programming from sources that previously were denied access to WBAI/Pacifica because of the constraints of the Whiteists/Rightists who control WBAI and Pacifica. It is our hope to take WBAIX closer to the community than WBAI/Pacifica would allow, despite the best efforts of Bernard White and others.
Who Is Steve Brown? Detailed background information on this WBAI Local Station Board member, multimillionaire marketing executive, and leader of the attack on now former WBAI management.

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